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Basketball Skills Class
This class is currently on hold.


While the Basketball Advanced Skills Class is not  currently available for play, the general info for it is listed below:

Thursday Evenings

6:30–8:00 pm  Year-Round

This program plays at:

Sport Courts Fitness

3727 Bradview Dr. Sacramento, CA 


Challenge Sports is excited to invite experienced players ages 13 and up (age guideline is approximate) to our ongoing Basketball Skills League. You do not have to be a participant of the Challenge Sports Indoor League to participate in this fast paced and FUN class.


This league will reinforce skills learned during the Winter Indoor Basketball program while providing an opportunity for social interaction and physical fitness in a supportive, encouraging and fun environment.


Drills and games are conducted alongside high-school aged typical peers to reinforce good sportsmanship and to provide important typical peer interaction.


Our experienced coaches and typical peer buddies will help our athletes develop and maintain positive attitudes and behaviors, guide them in working as a team towards common goals, and teach the importance of commitment and follow through, learning and improving upon:

Cooperativeness, Confidence, and Responsibility


When this very active instructional league is open, sessions are payable monthly in advance, and Players may join at any time after a skills evaluation during a Thursday session. 


Please call the Challenge Sports Hotline 916-554-0889 for further information or to be added to our mailing list.


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