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Corona Virus Update

All Challenge Sports Classes and Leagues are currently on hold due to the Corona Virus Epidemic

We'll send out notices to participants of our current on-going programs when we can resume operations, and we'll notify our mailing list when we can resume our seasonal leagues. 


Challenge Sports provides a wide array of programs that run year-round. Registration forms are generally available 3-4 weeks prior to opening day.


       Soccer         Sept – Nov  

     Basketball    January - March 

     Bowling        June - August 

Our Seasonal Leagues

Starting each January, we initiate our sports year with 12 weeks of Basketball on Sunday mornings. We play at a local indoor gymnasium and we segment the teams by ability more so than by age. The coaching staff has many years of experience pairing athletes to teams. Each team plays for 1 hour, where we mix in 30 minutes of basketball skills training with 30 minutes of game time. The goal is to have our players learn how to play on a team and to develop good sportsmanship skills. 


Following our Basketball season is our Summer Bowling Program. Played each Sunday, from 10 AM to Noon, at AMF Bowling on Madison Ave, this is an opportunity for our players to have their siblings bowl alongside them. This is a very popular session and gives our coaches ample time to provide some bowling tips to the players and to teach them about bowling etiquette.


Once the bowling season is over, we move into our Soccer Season, where we play for 9 weeks, again on Sundays, at Tetotom Park in Antelope from Noon - 1:00pm.  Players learn what it means to be on a team, how to be a good sport, and to learn the basic skills of Soccer. Soccer team selection is made by ability, not by age. Our coaching staff will do their best to make sure that each player is placed on the right team. 30 minutes is reserved for learning skills, and 30 minutes for playing soccer in a game environment. Most players are matched with a volunteer as needed, and this has proven to be a positive for success.

Year Round Classes

Year round, we have evening Trampoline and Basketball Skills classes. We host Trampoline classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Sky High Sports, and we host our Basketball Skills Program on Thursday evenings at Sport Courts Fitness. Both Classes require pre-registration. These programs have proven to be very popular. Please  contact us to inquire about openings.  The Basketball Skills Class is a great way to improve your players’ skills and advance in the game of basketball and is enrolled with athletes age 14 and older.


Give us a call:


(916) 554 - 0889   


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